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Who Needs A Bad Credit Mortgage?

A bad credit mortgage has become a solution, since credit and debt statistics that were released at the end of 2007 show that more and more people are in debt than ever before. Many of those people are struggling with it too, and this is proving especially problematic when they need credit for a mortgage. Past financial issues and problems can indeed have an impact on individuals’ applications for credit today, but that is why the bad credit mortgage can save the day!

The answer is bad credit mortgage

The bad credit mortgage has recently been introduced into the marketplace to offer a solution to the problem of poor credit preventing individuals from obtaining the mortgage they need to be able to buy a home that they want. An application for such a mortgage can be submitted by those with no credit history at all, missed payments, arrears, CCJs, defaults, no proof of income, IVAs, previous bankruptcy petitions and anything else you can think of that can diminish a credit score!

Who can apply for a bad credit mortgage?

If you do need a mortgage and apply for a specialist one designed for people with bad credit, the chances of you finding the perfect bad credit mortgage for you are extremely high. As with the rest of the mortgage market, you have a whole range of options. The wealth of choice is out there just waiting for you to investigate so you can get on and buy the house of your dreams regardless of your credit status and past money worries! The only requirement is that you can afford your mortgage. If that box is ticked then you are good to go!